Who We Are


A mentoring initiative aimed at assisting aspiring Chartered Accountants in achieving their dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant.


The name Isikhuthazi is a zulu noun which means “the encourager”. An encourager is a person who can inspire others with hope, courage and confidence to reach their full potential.

Encourage, Educate & Empower


Encourage by aiding others to be more determined, hopeful and confident. Educate by imparting important knowledge that will assist others in their growth and development. Empower by assisting others in realizing their strength to conquer anything in life.

Uzenzela Wena


The slogan uzenzela wena is a zulu phrase which means “you are doing it for yourself”. I got the phrase from my mother when I was growing up.She would always say this phrase whenever I was preparing for tests and exams throughout my academic journey, and it always kept me motivated throughout my studies and even after her passing.


How It Started


When I was an Audit Manager at SNG Grant Thornton,I had the privilege of working with young professionals on various engagements and I discovered my passion for mentoring. As an Audit Manager you don’t just manage engagements however you work with a group of young professionals that have diverse backgrounds and circumstances which require you to be more of a mentor than a manager because you have been entrusted with a role of nurturing and training the CA’s of the future.

Through feedback sessions with the young professionals, I realized that a lot of young professionals do not have a mentor that they can talk to, and they end up walking through the journey with no excitement and motivation which does not lead to favorable outcomes in their board exams. I was then able to identify a gap and I formulated a small support group of young professionals I worked with on various engagements so that I could help where I can through assisting them with exam technique skills and the necessary soft skills one needs to develop and grow in their journey. The feedback I received has been phenomenal and it has led me to pursue my passion for mentoring through assisting aspiring CA’s in achieving their dreams.